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Editing Programs For The Sims

This page contains editing programs for use with The Sims. These programs allow you to make changes to the appearance of your sims and changes to the properties of various sims objects. We have the most diverse selection of free sims editing programs on the web.

Sims Programs - Sims Downloads



Sims Programs - Sims Downloads



Sims Programs - Sims Downloads



Sims Programs - Sims Downloads

NPC Replacer


Sims Programs - Sims Downloads



Sims Programs - Sims Downloads

Lot Manager


Sims Programs - Sims Downloads



Sims Programs - Sims Downloads

CMX Maker


Sims Programs - Sims Downloads

Townie and Tourist
Default Name Editor


Visual Basic 6 Run Time Files

Sims Programs - Sims Downloads

Please do not download the following files unless one of the above programs won't run. The program will tell you which file is required. SimWardrobe may require Tabctl32.ocx. FAR Out may require both Mscomctl.ocx and Comdlg32.ocx.

SimCategorizer, SimMetamorphoser and the NPC Replacer do not require any of the files below.

Sims Programs - Sims Downloads

Sims Programs - Sims Downloads Sims Programs - Sims Downloads Sims Programs - Sims Downloads



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Why The Sims Needs External Editing Programs

The Maxis game The Sims lacks many in-game customization features. Players of The Sims want a fully customizable virtual world that the current game simply does not provide. The sims programs on this web site provide the player with the ability to make many modifications to both the sims themselves and to the many object downloads available on the web.

Many of these sims programs have evolved over time. When there was an identifiable need in The Sims for some type of modification I created a program in response.

SimWardrobe is a perfect example of such a program. After a player has collected many cool skins for The Sims it becomes very tedious to find and use these skins in the game. The game forces you to scroll through every skin one at a time until you eventually find the one you want. With SimWardrobe you can simply select the body (mesh) that you want to use and then pick the skin to use on it.

When Hot Date first came out there was no way to use any user made content downtown. Maxis eventually release a program for The Sims that did allow such categorization. Many users found the program severely lacking. More specifically, it was very hard to find the object that you wanted to modify. My categorizing program, SimCategorizer, remains the most popular sims program of this type.

The game does not provide any way to alter a sims head or first name. In response to many requests, I created the program SimMetamorphoser to alter a sims head, first name, gender and skin tone. This sims program has help many players overcome the "ugly sim kid" syndrome.

Replacing the NPCs within the game used to be an arduous process of extracting the NPC's IFF file and then editing the string segment of the file to use the new mesh and skin files. The NPC Replacer is a sims program that will extract the NPCs for every expansion pack and allows you to change the NPCs skins to any skins that you have in the game. This proved extremely popular with people who play themed neighborhoods and desired matching NPCs in their game.

While it is certainly possible to play The Sims without any of these programs, I feel that the total game experience can be greatly enhanced with their use.


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