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Object Downloads For The Sims

This page contains various object downloads for use in The Sims. Many of these unique sims objects have been customized in both appearance and function. Some of the object downloads on this page have been coded from scratch. They are unlike any other objects available for The Sims.

Buffet Tables
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

Bars and DJ Booths
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

Entirely New NPCs
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

Pinball & Arcade Games
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

NPC Telephone Pluggins
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

"At Home" Objects
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

Ceiling Lights
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

"Life Like" Servos
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

Other Objects
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

Hacked Doors
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads

Internal Objects
Sims Objects - Sims Downloads


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Instructions On Using Object Downloads With The Sims

Various sims objects have very specific instructions for their use within the game. All of the object downloads on this web site come with an instruction file. This file specifies where the object's IFF or FAR file should be placed and what Sims expansion packs are required.

Most of the objects for The Sims can be placed directly in the Downloads folder. You can create sub folders within the Downloads folder to keep your objects organized by web site or by type. Objects will also work properly in the Objects or UserObjects folders.

A few of the sims objects must be placed in certain folders in order to be loaded by the game. The build mode enablers and the other internal objects on this site must be placed in the folder specified in the instruction file. The Sims does not usually load these default replacement objects if they are simply placed in the Downloads folder.

Some of the sims objects like telephone pluggins require House Party in order to work. The telephone pluggins are cloned from the catererpp object that shipped with that expansion pack.

There are some sims objects like the new NPCs that have very specific instructions for their successful use within The Sims. The Jammin Johnny NPC is one such download. You must purchase his custom guitar in order for him to show up when you call him. The cafeteria buffet table download requires you to put the special cafeteria cash register into your cafeteria in order for the cafeteria worker to appear.

It is sometimes extremely difficult to determine which expansion packs are required for any given sims object. Most objects that are cloned from a specific expansion pack only require that expansion pack in order to work properly. The Hot Date Expansion pack (as well as Vacation) made changes to many objects that were a part of The Sims, Living Large and House Party. This has caused a great deal of confusion as to what expansion packs are actually required in order to use an object that was cloned after Hot Date (or Vacation) has been installed.

Most sims objects on this web site have the required expansion packs listed on the download page. There are a few downloads like the Super Wardrobe that may require Vacation to work correctly, even though it was cloned from an object that shipped with The Sims. At present it is impossible for me to predict with complete accuracy which sims expansions packs are required for which sims object downloads.



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