Sims 2 "Fixes"

Maxis made a nice computer game in Sims 2, they just didn't make it work the way I wanted it to work. The "fixes" on this page make some subtle changes that, in my opinion, make the game much more playable. A few of the fixes even correct bugs that exist in the game, many of which will never be patched by EA.


The following fixes Should *NOT* be used with the Apartment Life expansion pack:

All other fixes on my website have "scanned clean" during my differential analysis. I will be testing the functionality of each one in game to see if they still work as intended. Everything indicates that they should work the same with Apartment Life as they did with Freetime and/or older expansion packs.

Generic (All Versions) Fixes

Open For Business Fixes

Seasons Fixes

Bon Voyage Fixes

FreeTime Fixes

Apartment Life Fixes


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