Modular Automatic Buffet Table

This unique buffet table system will allow you to serve any of the group meals in the game as a buffet style meal. Multiple units may be combined to form an extended buffet table of any length. The buffet table pieces may be restocked manually or can be set to automatically refill when they are empty. On business lots the table can be set to charge for meals.

Requires the Open For Business expansion pack.

Version 1.1 Update: The table now charges 30 simoleans per plate and has 8 servings per meal. This makes the buffet more viable as an OFB business.

Version 2.0 Update: The table was rebuilt on a new base to make it recolorable. Because of this the object now has two parts. Both parts need to be in your downloads folder in order for the table to work. The object functionality is the same.

If you are using this table in a business, you might want my No Free Lunch fix. This fix prevents a group meal from serving up plates of food after it is empty. I have seen a 6 serving group meal serve up to 12 plates of food. With the auto buffet, you only get paid for the actual meals served while the dish is not empty. This fix stops the freeloading. :)


ModularAutoBuffet-web.png (345461 bytes)


Download the Automatic Modular Buffet Table

Download The No Free Lunch Fix


Modular Automatic Buffet Recolors

Note: These same recolors work with the Modular Automatic Pizza Buffet too.

modular-automatic-buffet-recolors-500x350.png (269191 bytes)

modular-automatic-buffet-recolor-mix-500x240.png (209577 bytes)


Download the Modular Automatic Buffet recolors.